Liana Abovyan

Liana Abovyan

Board member

Liana Abovyan is one of the founding members of You For Armenia. With over 20 years of progressively responsible professional experience in organisation and delivery of language services at both national and international levels, of which 15+ years in management and leadership, Liana has extensive experience in cooperation with state institutions, intergovernmental and international organisations, local and foreign entities operating in the public, private or non-profit sector. She has a proven track record in organizational development, change management and optimization, institutional strengthening, capacity building as well as collaboration with educational institutions and organization of specialized training courses.

Since 2019 Liana has been actively engaged in fundraising and charity activities aimed at providing humanitarian relief to orphaned children and children with disabilities.

Having been a member of the former YFA and genuinely caring for the future of Armenia, Liana was keen to become part of the re-established You For Armenia and contribute to the realization of its goals, vision and mission and mobilize all available resources to build a strong, safe and modern Armenia.

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