Added Value

We understand that donating your resources, be it your time, money or effort, depends on the level of trust that you can place in those who will be managing those resources.

Here is why we think you should trust us:
  • We bring together a network of established multi-lingual professionals in spheres ranging from law, human rights, political science to business administration, marketing, finance and IT, who draw on their knowledge of the non-profit and public sectors, their international experience and are committed to serving the goal of Armenia’s long-term development.
  • Our network and resources are well positioned both in Armenia, and abroad. Be it Armenians or friends of Armenia, wherever you are – we will find a way to work with you, to deliver the outcomes you envisioned, in the most effective, efficient and economical way and without a waste of your donated resources.
  • We are here on the ground. Many of us have pursued studies and careers abroad, and have returned to Armenia, bringing home the experience and the skills. Our members work in various spheres in Armenia, and have got the local knowledge and hands-on expertise, in how things work and what’s needed most. We stand ready to support and advise the like-minded patriots and supporters, in defining the right causes, finding those who are most in need, and finally – doing what needs to be done – together.
  • Through our past experience and project delivery, we have a wider reach into many partner organizations, who have similar goals and objectives. For larger, long-term and impactful projects, we can tap into the potential of the non-profit and volunteer resources through schools, universities, professional organizations, public structures and international donor sources. We will leave no stone unturned, to find the right channels to help deliver your support to Armenia.

If not now, when? If not us, who?