Who We Are

We care about Armenia – its present and future

“You For Armenia” charitable non-governmental organization (YFA) is founded in 2021 on the basis of the 20-year legacy of “Youth For Achievements” NGO. Re-established by the initiative of a team of Armenians, who genuinely care for the future of Armenia and understand the complexity of its present challenges, YFA brings together people with strong commitment to support Armenia’s revival from the present-day crisis.

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Our Values

Leadership: We have the courage and preparedness to shape a better future of this world in general and Armenia in particular

Involvement: We care what the future holds for the humanity, our region and Armenia and want to make a difference

Respect for Human Rights: We respect the rights of all humans and demonstrate it in all our actions

Collaboration: We leverage collective genius of Armenians and friends of Armenia everywhere for the benefit of Armenia and its people, and the benefit of better future for humanity as a whole

Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical and fair. We stay true to our promise and people who entrusted us

Innovation: We explore new ways to build a better, safer and economically stronger Armenia

Sustainability: We look for sustainable ways to make our motherland and the world in general a better place now and for the future generations

Belief: We believe in the potential of Armenia to become a strong modern state and our ability to make the changes required for that

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